About Us

OUR VISION IS TO CREATE a product that fulfills a need others lack. Roller Coaster Waves is that product. It conditions, moisturizes and offers hold in addition to smelling great. It has the smooth, creamy texture of custard and defines like a styling gel but with pure hydration and zero crunch. Many men’s products either lack fragrance or smell like a cheap drugstore cologne.


We wanted to incorporate a fragrance that smells good to us too. Our signature fragrance is refreshing with a hint of sweetness that men and women will love. Some products are heavily petroleum based. Although our product does contain some petroleum, our formulation includes beneficial oils like argan and olive, soothing aloe botanicals and nourishing shea butter for dry ends and scalp.


Our product won’t weigh your hair down and clog pores; instead it will leave your hair light, non-greasy and softened. As a company we strive to be the Ciroc of the hair care/product industry. Just like P. Diddy infused Ciroc Vodka into the music and entertainment industry that is our Roller Coaster Waves goal. Our product can be purchased at www.rollercoasterwaves.com.